New Manga Jigen Kishi Rail Ghost by Yasunari Toda Announced

Jigen Kishi Rail GhostYasunari Toda, the illustrator of the manga series Scryed, will begin a new manga in the 16th October issue of Monthly Young King (published by Gahosha). The new series is entitled Jigen Kishi Rail Ghost and will focus on humanity’s Judgement Day.

Much to my liking, the main “villain” in the series is Metsubou (Death). This existence has decided the time when humanity will cease to exist. One brave and quite stubborn warrior, however, will not let the whole race just disappear and decides to fight the Judgement Day. Soon he meets a human man, and an adventure begins.

This is all the information released by now, but I’m guessing the manga will be much clearer just after a month when chapter one is published. Before this, keep in mind that Toda-san is usually paired with a writer for his works. If that’s not the case here, then this will be his first in such a position since Tsurugi no Houou (1998). Let’s all wish him the best of luck and many inspired arcs in Jigen Kishi Rail Ghost.

Source: Monthly Young King

Do you think this will suit the tastes of the Skyed fans?

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This will be a nice read.


Sounds good