A New Anime Movie Announced: Piece of Cake

FY7表紙L Piece of CakeGeorge Asakura’s romance manga Piece of Cake will be animated. The story will not be a TV anime series, however, but a movie. The story revolves around a love triangle and a lot of questions that need to be answered.

In Piece of Cake we follow the 20 y.o. professional Shino Unemiya. She has a lovely job and a boyfriend she has fought for. Nonetheless, it is not the life she has dreamed of. One day, however, she decides to turn a new page in her life and quits the job she has, leaves her boyfriend and moves to another town. There, however, things start anew, just as planned. She meets a great man who lives next door. The only problem is that, however, Kyoushirou Sugahara is already taken and his live-in girlfriend Akari Narita is not going to leave him that easily.

There are no details about who the seiyuu will be and when the movie will premiere, but one thing is certain, the romance-hungry otaku will have something to look forward to!

Source: Feel Young magazine

It seems like the romance will spread soon, will you hide or will you try to find it first?

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Sounds like a story I would read and watch. :)


Looks very meaningful :P