Happy Birthday, Aya Uchida-chan!

内田彩Aya Uchida, famous Japanese performer and seiyuu, is celebrating her 28th birthday on the 23rd July 2014! Let’s all wish her an amazing birthday and an even greater life onwards for many, many happy years!

It’s already the 23rd in Japan!

Uchida-chan is the voice actor behind Rigel (Z/X: Ignition), Kaede Furutani (Yuru Yuri), Yuria Misaki (Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199), Elle Adams (Rio: Rainbow Gate!), Hina-chan (Recorder to Randoseru), Aoi (Mawaru Penguindrum), Ticy Phenyl (Freezing), the clueless but cute Io Nitta (Devil Survivor 2 The Animation), Mai (Ai Mai Mi) and many more!

She has also performed theme songs on more than 15 occasions.

For the happy fans and the positive ones – here’s her photo update as posted on twitter:

Source: Twitter

Happy Birthday, once again – Aya Uchida-chan!

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Happy birthday, duck face.


:D :D :D