New Captain Harlock Manga on the Way!

Original creator of the Captain Harlock franchise Leiji Matsumoto is working on a new manga! The title of this new project is Captain Harlock ~Jigen Koukai~ (Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage) and it will begin with a 50-page first chapter on 19th August 2014. See more details below!

Captain Harlock ~Jigen Koukai~ (Captain Harlock: Dimensional Voyage) will begin next month and the 50-page chapter one will also include special coloured pages! The illustrations in this projects are made by Kouichi Shimahoshi.
On top of this new series, the magazine will also include the one-shot manga Uchuu Kaizoku Captain Harlock ~Ginga Seijo Lunāra~ (Space Pirate Captain Harlock: Lunāra the Galactic Saint ).
Both these projects are a bow to the public who reads and appreciates Matsumoto’s work. He’s celebrating his 60th anniversary as a mangaka this year!

Source: Akita Shoten‘s Champion RED magazine

The question is – how many of you liked the previous stories and how ready are you all for the new adventures of the space captain?

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Yeeah! Hope it will be nice :D


Same here. Though I don’t think that could go wrong.


I am too excited!