Two New PVs for Ao Haru Ride Anime (Video)

Two new promo videos were just released through the official Ao Haru Ride anime channel on YouTube. The manga-based TV anime series will begin on 8th July. See the new romantic footage below!

The story of this anime tells us of the ultra-cute and charming young middle school student Futaba Yoshioka and her undying love for her middle school crush, to whom she never managed to tell how she felt. On top of this, she was ignored and pushed away by the other girls in the school because of her good looks.
Now in high school, she has decided to live the least feminine life so that such things won’t hinder her studies and future. But there is her crush again – Tanaka-kun… but he’s now Kou Mabuchi.
Will they get to be together or have things changed too much for this to be possible?
The Todokanu Omoi version

And the Hatsukoi no Hito version

Source: YouTube

What’s you opinion on romance anime?

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They are really nice!


Reminds me wery much to a shounen-ai I have seen…


love it <333 sooo romantic