Akimine Kamijyo’s New Manga Tansansuibu Starts from May 27th

KC+ 講談社コミックプラスAkamine Kamijyo, famous author of the historical story Samurai Deeper Kyo, will be starting a new manga series Tansansuibu called in the upcoming issue of Kodansha’s Evening magazine coming out this May 27th.

Kamijyo’s latest animated success is Code:Breaker, which came out on TV in 2012.

The entire next issue of Evening magazine will be devoted to this new project. 34-page chapter one and a total of 13 colour pages will be included in the magazine. It will also be on the front cover page.

The story will focus on the endeavours of high school students in Japan and more precisely on the wind instrument club joined by the young Shintarou Taki. When he decides to join this very after-school initiative, he has no idea what he gets himself into. There are secrets in this club and only member can know of them.

The publisher is promising something good and quite unnatural for this author who’s also behind Night Raid 1931.

Let me remind you that this is the first time this mangaka is appearing in a seinen magazine.

Source: Evening Magazine

Do you think a person who’s has such a success stories aimed at a younger audience will manage hitting the bull’s eye with a music-themed seinen one?

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Pierce Cheng

I think Kamijyo Akimine is wants to challenge her compatriot Shinkai Hideo’s Soul Catchers.


i’d love Kamijyo Akimine’s manga… specialy Samurai Deeper Kyo… I hope this one will be as good as or better than SDK… >_< <3


K:ON meets Bleach…


So more C?de:Breaker and not Samurai Deeper Kyo…too bad. Guess I won’t be reading.


Code:Breaker was a mess.


I like the manga… :P Will read this one too