Anime Limited Announces Sakasama no Patema English Cast

The UK-based anime distributor Anime Limited has released the official English cast for the upcoming (Kickstarter-funded) movie release of Sakasama no Patema (Patema Inverted). The cast includes some popular actors as well as some you’ve probably never thought would participate in a similar project! See the info below!

PATEMA will be played by Cassandra Lee Morris
AGE will be played by Michael Sinterniklaas

G will be played by Bill Lader
IZAMURA will be played by Richard Epcar
KAHO will be played by Stephanie Sheh
LAGOS will be played by Chris Niosi
PORTA will be played by Robbie Daymond
JACK will be played by Patrick Seitz
MALE TEACHER will be played by Marc Diraison

Additional voiceover will be provided by Olivia Charles, Bill Rogers and Wayne Grayson.

Source: Anime Limited

Have you seen the movie yet? To be honest, I haven’t. Best thing is, though, that I am still to discover its wonderful world!

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Love this anime! :)


it’s very romantic :3


This needed an English version! Cool!