Kuragehime Gets a New Movie in 2015

kuragehimePrincess Jellyfish a.k.a. Kuragehime will receive another adaptation next year. Yey! The original story by Akiko Higashimura was previously made into a hit TV anime series which sprang from October to December 2010. In 2015, five years later, the manga will be once more adapted, though this time as a movie.

This story follows a group of crazy school girls who live as roommates (and neighbours) in the Amamizukan dormitory. All of them have a seriously wicked hobby or obsession and the strangest to most is Tsukumi who can’t live without… jellyfish! While the girls are devoting all their time to studies, work and hobbies of their own, no boys are allowed in the dorms. Well, rules are there to be broken, right? This is what happens once a very pretty lady helps Tsukumi out of a tight situation. You can imagine where the story goes once everyone suddenly finds out that the pretty lady is in fact a feminine boy.

Please note, the source does not specify if the movie will be live-action or anime.

Source: ANN

Are you excited that yet another old anime adaptation is getting a new instalment?

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Hmmm…thought it was too josei for you guys ;)


A little romance and cross-dressing won’t hurt us :D


This was really funny! Otakuuuu


Great :D