DRAMAtical Murder to Be Made into an Anime

DRAMAcial Murder ドラマティカルマーダーShounen-ai game DRAMAtical Murder will be animated by studio NAZ’s director Kazuya Miura (Silent Mobuis). The story is originally by game developers Nitro+CHiRAL and tells of a mysterious world where nothing is as it seems and many adventures await. The original game came out in 2012 and its sequel in 2013.

The story of this adventure shounen-ai game (no, it’s not an otomee this time, or at least not entirely) tell us of the life of a guy named Aoba and his life in a new home, after certain trade and commerce-related circumstances lead to his entire town’s relocation. While he’s living and absolutely normal life, however, things take a sudden U-turn. On the new island many interesting and odd things happen and Aoba is about to get seriously involved in them.

The TV anime series is set for a Summer 2014 launch.

Source: Official Website

Are you awaiting this with positive emotions or are you tired of bishounen?

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Always had a think for Koujaku…


they look goood :3 <3


Sounds like a regular game anime…looks like shounen-ai ;)


A new shounen-ai at last!!!!! :P :D