18th Detective Conan Movie to Come Out in April

名探偵コナンDetective Conan: Sniper from Another Dimension will premiere in Japaese theatres on 19th April 2014. This was announced in the latest issue of Shounen Sunday Magazine by Shogakukan publishing. See below all the information that came with the announcement.

The 18th movie instalment of the Detective Conan saga will have the subtitle “Sniper from  Another Dimension” (known in Japanese as Ijigen no Sniper). It will come out on 19th April 2014 and will be shown in many theatres across the country. Its story will tell us about “Conan’s greatest crisis” and will centre on an odd sniping incident where the one shot had to be Shuichi Akai, but instead Masumi Sera is hit in the chest. While the entire population of Tokyo is afraid of getting involved, the question of why the one targeted is still alive is still there…lingering in the air. Only one can solve the mystery, but it will be much harder for Conan this time around.


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Source: Shogakukan via YukiTsukiHana

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conan is so smart and cute :3


Seems like these will never stop – and they’re all great :D


True – you can’t get tired of Conan


Lovely! :)