Kuroshitsuji Live-Action Footage Revealed

The live-action movie based on Yana Toboso’s hit manga Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) will be coming to Japanese theatres on 18th January 2014. The date has been made clear in the Japanese TV program ZIP!.

The exclusive footage shows finished fight scenes and dialogues between the two main characters Sebastian Michaelis and Shiori. There is also a lot of video, which is unedited and shows how the film is being filmed and how main actor Hiro Mizushima tries to be as loyal to the original as possible by training knife throwing and stabbing amongst other things.

The movie is based on the manga by Toboso-sensei, but is in fact set in a world, which is 130 years older than the one in the manga. While Yana Toboso creates a space in the Victorian era, the live-action is set in 2020. Another difference is that the characters are based in a Japanese city and not in England as in the original. There, in this place, Sebastian and Shiori are living in the centre of a cultural mess. Western civilization and Eastern ones have mingled and re coexisting.

Shiori, for those of you who don’t know the story, is the new master of the daemon-butler. She is female and is the current boss of the Phantom corporation. Her seal is visible in blue in her right eye, quite similarly to Sebastian’s former companion Ciel.

Source: YouTube (you can watch the video here, if you want to)

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ohhhh ciel is <3 and seby is sweet, just doesn't look like the real one :3


ikr? They still did well :)


Just one question – who is the guy in the suit?! :D :D :D


Was just about to ask…His technique in the kicks is nothing compared to his pouting one.


If you guys figure it out, let me know…