Neon Alley to Stream K Anime Series and Gintama: The Movie (video)

K anime posterNeon Alley has just announced that they will stream last October’s TV anime series K (anime whose sequel is to be a theatrically released movie coming out in 2014). The PS3/Xbox 360 service will also show Gintama: The Movie.

K anime is an alternate reality show about students, monsters, science, wars and people with superhuman abilities. It has a moe, an ecchi character and a lot of bishounen. Practically, it’s a combination of everything that an otaku might like and for a change – it’s made in a lovely way and obviously succeeded in its aim to attract fans from many different regions and of various preferences.

K anime will air on Viz’s Neon Alley in the summer, but this will not be all from the master license holder as we’re expecting home video releases as well.

We have understood that the promised sequel of the series will be a movie, but it is not clear if VizMedia will hold onto their license forĀ  it as well.

The second anime which was announced for the Neon Alley service by the company is Gintama: The Movie. It will premiere on Sunday at 8:00p.m. EDT.

Here is Viz’s trailer for the film:

Source: VizMedia

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They now got 70% of good anime, they just lack some gore!!!


I am old…didn’t even know about Neon Alley.


Well…if you don’t own PS3 or XBox 360 and you’re not from the USA, you don’t even need to know.


I feel slightly better :D


The best series :)