Nozomu Tamaki with New Work – Hard Nerd Daddy – Hatarake! Otaku!!

hard nerd daddy mangaThe mangaka of Dance in the Vampire Bund Nozomu Tamaki will be releasing a new project starting today. The story is called Hard Nerd Daddy – Hatarake! Otaku!! and is being published in Shonengahosha’s Young Comic Cherry Magazine. The story will revolve around an otaku daddy’s everyday life.

Hard Nerd Daddy – Hatarake! Otaku!! is one of the new titles in the revamped Young Comic magazine, already bearing the title Young Comic Cherry. It tells the story of a mangaka/otaku man and his life. At one moment he’s a happy otaku with a lot of hobbies as well as a well-earning mangaka. His wife is also earning finances for the family. At the next moment, though, his wife gets pregnant and the man of the house has to think about finances all by himself. Will his work or his hobbies suffer the most?

Source: MNJ

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Isn’t he too young for a wife :D Poor guy.


Indeed :D


Sounds a bit to mature for me :P


Sounds a bit too similar to Bakuman… Still could be fun, though. :)