Sword Art Online Creator Reki Kawahara Interview for Aniplex US Streamed (Video)

reki kawaharaThe official YouTube channel for Aniplex has shared the first part of a recent interview with writer Reki Kawahara. He is the man behind such projects as Sword Art Online and the Accel World Saga. The author speaks of the production process, the creation and idea stages and his perception of the cosplay world when it comes to his own characters. See the interview below!

The Sword Art Online light novels came out in April 2009. Accel World was also released in the same year. Both stories have been adapted into manga series, anime shows and even MMORP Games. Beautiful characters (the novels were originally illustrated by HiMA), believable stories and amazing world-creation is what makes these two project different. The fans of these are also a helpful hand, as shown by the many cosplayers all over the world (also commented in the video).

Source: YouTube

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wanna see part 2 :3


The sad part is that he doesn’t know SAO is REALLY popular. This confirms he does not actually get the money.


True. Hopefully this will change one day. The good news is he really enjoys his work. :)


He really seems to enjoy the cosplay :D Way to go Kawahara-san! :D :D :D


Yes, especially the ladies ;) Such a nice guy. :)