from up on poppy hillThe US English dubbed trailer for the theatrical release of Studio Ghibli’s From up on Poppy Hill was streamed through the Wired website. The trailer includes many of the voices theatre-goers will enjoy while watching Goro Miyazaki’s latest success. See below for the trailer and information on the cast!

In this March release main characters Umi and Shun are respectively voiced by Spiderwick Chronicles’ Sarah Bolger and Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin.


When it comes to the secondary characters, X-files star Gillian Anderson is probably stealing the show this time, but there are many others that are worth clapping for! Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks, The Good Wife’s Chris Noth, The Hunger Games’ Isabelle Fuhrnam, Beau Bridges and others, however, are definitely not to be ignored either.

The movie will be released by North Ameican company GKids. Updated list of participating theatres for movie-goers is available in the source link.


Source: GKids Wired

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