space pirate captain harlockLeiji Matsumoto’s original manga Captain Harlock will be adapted into a digitally animated movie… but this is no news to you, is it? The new is that the movie’s premiere has finally been announced! Fall 2013 will be a season to remember for the majority of the science fiction fans.

The official Toei animation studio’s English-dubbed trailer can be seen below thanks to

Space Pirate Captain Harlock’s CG remake will be directed by Appleseed’s Shinji Aramaki.

The story revolves around the rebel Harlock and his companions, followers and compatriots abroad the immensely powerful and invincible spacecraft Arcadia. The fight of this man sis against the unjust government that rules mercilessly over the human race. A lot more lies under the surface, though.

Seeing from this video, the poster that was released some time ago is definitely representing the graphics-abundance that will fill up the theatres in Japan this autumn season.

Source: YouTube

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