SEGA Sues Level 5. Inazuma Eleven Games to Be Taken off the Market.

SEGA is filing several different lawsuits against Level 5 and their special touch/stylus functions in EIGHT Inazuma Eleven games for Nintendo DS. If the Japanese developed of games such as Sonic the Hedgehog wins, the roleplay games are to be cancelled and with stopped sales.

According to the released information, the issue is that SEGA holds several patent licenses over the specific functions of the games. Claiming that in┬áthe original football-themed are used movement and action commands that have been patented by SEGA, the huge company is asking for all the profits fro the Nintendo DS series. According to the suitor, the estimated number is 900,000,000 Japanese yen, which is about 8,405,000 euro. The classification of this sum is “damages”.

The to claim, Level 5 responded that the company will object to and refute the suit and will no longer comment on the topic.

Level 5’s main eight games of the Inazuma Eleven franchise have been adapted into several anime movies and series and are a favourite for many young fans all over the world.

Source: Yomiuri Online

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Sega are becoming a joke.


How could you better a software without actually using the basics? This patent is ridiculous.


Seriously…how did they choose who to sue? Aren’t there tons of games with such controls at the moment?


Sega are desperate because they haven’d done anything big lately. This is lame.


SEGA, don’t do the Apple… ;)


This never gets old.