New Shinsengumi Manga by Aya Kanno Announced

A new manga centred on the Japanese police force Shinsengumi has been announced. While Hakuouki’s third season is bringing lots of female fans to the Wolves of Mibu, although they are in a mutated form, Aya Kanno will return to the topic with her new project Makoto no Kuni. She already has created two manga on the subject as the last one ended eight years ago.

The new manga entitled Makoto no Kuni will be published/ begin publishing in Bessatsu Hana to Yume magazine’s 26 February issue. It will focus on the stories of Hajime Saitou and Toshizou Hijikata, two of the most known and popular names from the shogunate’s men. The setting will be Japan’s Aizu region in the North.

This is her newest project that is replacing the Otoman romantic comedy, ending on 26 November.

The Hokusou Shinsengumi revolves around the Battle of Hakodate and ran in Bessatsu Hana to Yume. It is a 2-chapter-long short.  Her other similar projectKootetsu no Hanaalso sprang in a short number of chapters and the only volume came out in 2003 (in Hana to Yume).

The mangaka is a master of shoujo and has always managed to bring something new and interesting to the genre.

Source: Kanno’s Official Twitter

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Hijicata looks quite credible, to be honest…


Can’t wait :)


Hope it’s not another shoujo Hakuoki-style that has more to do with twilight than with history.


I like your rage. ;)


AMAZING!!!! Couldn’t be happier :) My favourites from the Japanese history – the cruel and idealistic Wolves of Mibu :) :) :)


Couldn’t have said it better… ;)