Millennium Snow Manga to Be Revived after a Decade of Silence

millennum snow (c) Hakusansha, LaLa, Bisco HattoriThe creator of Ouran High Shool Host Club Bisco Hatori is going to write  anew chapter for one of her long-forgotten projects РMillennium Snow (a.k.a Thousand Years of Snow a.k.a. Sennen no Yuki). The manga was put on hiatus with 10 chapters and only 2 volumes published. See below about details on the revival!

Millennium Snow is a romance manga about Chiyuki Matsuoka and her heart condition, how she takes the news that being hospitalised is not the worst, knowing that she won’t get past 15 years of age is. Later, she meets a real life vampire going by the name of Touya Kanou. At first, he declines drinking her blood, although he is at a stage where he needs to choose his human lady to live with her for a thousand years. Fortunately for Chiyuki-chan, he later agrees, although hating on humans as a whole and looking down on them in the first place.

The last volume of Bisco Hatori’s manga came out in August 2002. Some sources put it as “on hiatus” while others just named it “finished” obviously, although a long one, it was a temporary pause and now all romance fans would have the chance to enjoy more of how Japan does Twilight.

Hakusensha’s LaLa magazine will again be the home for the story as it was form the very start.

Source: Manga News Japon

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From the “Ouran High Shool Host Club” creator? Shoujo at its best then. ;)


sounds soooo romantic <3


The manga Twilight – corny to the point of being ridiculous. Personal opinion.


Sounds cra*p. :D


Did you hijack my brain?! Great comment.


This is a great manga :) So happy!