Ghost in the Shell’s Masamune Shirow and Appleseed’s Koushi Rikudou with a Collaboration

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The two main reasons for the existence for such stories as Ghost in The Shell, Appleseed and Excel Saga – Masamune Shirow and Koushi Rikudou will be getting their minds and hands together in a union of fate as their upcoming project is announced in the 13th issue of Newtype Ace magazine.

Except for his work on the story and art of Ghost in the Shell, Shirow-sensei is also responsible for Ghost in the Shell SAC and Appleseed’s stories. His mangaka-partner, playing the role of the artist in this show, will be the forever known for his Excel Saga. This last project of his has just ended in 2011. In its place, Rukudou has launched his Ageha manga (being published in the same magazine as Excel Saga – Young King Ours). Other titles of his are Deathless and Accomplice.

Source: Manga News Japon

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Hope it’s not the cover photo, as this looks like a neko mimi :D


Hope the collaboration is not marriage or something… :D


Why would they announce it in the magazine?!


Priceless. Please keep us updated. ;)


This would be interesting…