CLAMP Manga Projects Go on Hiatus Due to Illness

gate 7 by clampA sudden illness of a member of the team has been named as the reason behind the hiatus of CLAMP’s Gate 7 manga. The news was announced in the current issue of Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine where the prject is being published. Another one of the mangaka group’s projects (Drug & Drop) has also been put on hold for a couple of months.

While Gate 7 is published in Shueisha’s Jump Square, Drug & Drop is in Kadokawa’s Young Ace. As we all know, CLAMP works on schedule and plans and maybe both manga are being worked on in this moment by the affected member(s). I hope it won’t affect any other projects but the ones announced.

Even though the information is not much, I am certain that this quartet of mangaka goddesses wouldn’t leave two of the ongoing projects on a sudden hiatus without a reason. I am wishing all of them great health and that they continue creating memorable and mesmerising art for many many years.

Source:CLAMP Official via Crunchyroll

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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Get well soon, fair lady! ;)


Get healthy soon and come back to us, creating your amazing manga and anime!


Get well soon!


Knowing how professional these ladies are, I am sure that they have a serious reason to do this. Please, be well, we love you!


Get well soon, no matter which member you are! <3


noooooo :(