La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia Game Sequel and Unaired Episode Announced

La Storia della Arcana FamigliaA lot of new information was announced at “La Prima Festa” special event for the upcoming special disc. An unaired episode of the TV anime will be included in the disc and its title will be “Capriccio – Stile Arcana Famiglia”. Again at the same event, the new game sequel Arcana Famiglia 2 was named.

Included in the BD/DVD release will also be a summary of the event itself. It will be on the market starting March 27, 2013.
Being an adaptation of the otome game, it was more than natural to have gaming news at the event as well. Although we got to know only the title of the upcoming sequel, more details have been promised.

Lots f action, a charming relationship and a somewhat dangerous combination between magic, card-play and shoujo make La Storia della Arcana Famiglia one of the most appreciated anime of the last season.
Source: animate
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Steve (Living in Japan)

Yeah I agree with you Shounen, she’s cute!


Seen 2 episodes and the girl’s really cute ;)


Is it really popular? I thought people were quite disappointed of it… oh, well.


this was so disappointing… :( so many “fillers” and felicita is way too quiet. :( :( :(


Conratulations. This is your first post that has a certain amount of sense. I am proud of you.


I agree with you Chan-Chan. Even though I am not a shoujo fan, I wanted to give this one a go, but it turned out to be really boring…