Gundam’s Yoshiyuki Tomino Announces G-Reko Project

g-rekoThe original creator of the immense Gundam franchise, Yoshiyuki Tomino, has just announced officially his new sci-fi project. The mecha story will be titled “G-Reko” where the “G” stands for “gravity” (since he wants to differ from the “Gundam” titled). This was made during an interview with Takashi Murakami in the latest issue of Kadokawa Shoten’s Gundam Ace magazine.

According to the renowned writer, G-Reko will be an entirely new story, which will centre on space travels through an elevator-like machinery. Animation of the new project will be performed by the studio behind Gundam and Ideon (both former titles of Tomino) – Sunrise.
This project will definitely take a lot of time and attention, for which reason Tomino has announced that his Gundam column in the Gundam Ace magazine will e halted for an undisclosed period. It has been there since 2003. There is still no information if he will definitely be restarting it, but since it has been a long time and he’s always done such a great job, I am certain many would like to see it back when the time is right.
Source: Anime News Network

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Hmmm…the title sounds bad (Greco?!), but the idea is awesome. :)


More like “Gureko”, if I have to guess… ;)


If he wanted to differ, why didn’t he think of a different name?


Because he was waiting for you to give him a synonym for “gravity” or “gravitation” ;)


Hahahahaaaaaa…you’re my hero! The G-Reko is still pretty much in the beginning, though and that’s sad. I was hoping for another mecha manga/anime :)


That’s some valuable info… Thanks!