Hunter x Hunter: The Scarlet Phantom is the Title of the New Movie

hunter x hunter phantom rougeHunter x Hunter: The Scarlet Phantom will be the title of the upcoming original movie of the popular franchise, based on Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga series. The show will come out in theatres in Japan on January 23, 2013.

The title is a hint at the main clash in the story as the eyes of the Kutra (Kurapika is the last member of this clan that we know of) clan are red (scarlet is a type of blood-red). There will also be the Phantom Troupe which is credited for the elimination of the entire Kutra clan, an event that has happened when Kurapika has been just a child.

On some sites, the title of the movie is translated as Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge

I took the liberty of opposing it. I might be wrong, though. We’ll see when some kind of an official English translation comes out.

As mentioned, the story of Hunter x Hunter: The Scarlet Phantom will be an original one and not a canon, although it will definitely be born from the main story line of the Hunter x Hunter manga.

Source: Manga News Japon and MNJ again

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I like all the Hunter x Hunter OVAs and series so far, so I am quite sure this one will be good.


Sounds good.


Oldie and goldie…waiting for the movie.


The original series are one of the best anime ever!!! Just watched them an year ago. Hope the movie’s great!


Always been a fan of Hunter x Hunter…since day 1. Can’t wait for this.