Soul Eater Gets a Double Coloured Page for its 100th Chapter

soul eaterNaturally, everything shinigami gets special treatment with me. Hence, another minor cool Soul Eater news article is here! The 100th chapter of the manga by Atsushi Ookubo will receive a doublesided coloured page!

Soul Eater is published in Square Enix’ Shounen Gangan magazine and has by far been a successful story with an anime adaptation which became very popular among the shounen fans.

Telling the story of several chosen student in the Shibusen academy for living weapnons and their wielders, the Insanity which they have to fight and their internal battles, Shoul Eater is surely one of the best fantasy shounen anime around. Sadly, the finish quite ruined its possibilities for the adaptations to go on when the manga advances enough.

soul eater chapter 100

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Images: (c) Square Enix, Atsushi Ookubo

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Looking good…I never stopped reading this actually :D


I was so furious on how the anime ended. Quite a ridiculous last episode, I must say! Hope there’s still a chance for another season – preferably an alternative version, closer to the manga.


So right! The last fight in the anime ended so not epic… :( One of my favourite anime too. :) :) :)


I haven’t read the manga for so long! Really have to check it out…


I so love Soul Eater!


oooohhhh :3