A Biographical Anime on Suminokura Ryoi Is in the Making

suminokura ryoiYume wa Hatou wo Koete – Tenmei ni Ikita Otoko: Suminokura Ryoi (Dreams Surpass the Surging Waves – The Man Who Lived His Destiny: Suminokura Ryoi) is the title that was released by the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper on Tuesday. The title says it all – the new show will be telling the story of the famous merchant, constructor and messenger of highest value.

The upcoming anime will revolve around all the work that the man has managed to do for the trading abilities of the city of Kyoto through his marvellous channels and the pathways they have once opened for the old capital of Japan. As he lived during the Sengoku Jidai (Warring states Period in Japan), 1554-1616 to be precise, he played a very important role for the external, international relations of the empire. He has worked as a messenger and a key administrator for both Hideyoshi and Iieyasu. Later, he leaves his life’s work and mainly the foreign business to his son Suminokura Soan, who is also supposed to be an important character in the project.

The anime will be handled by Mushi Pruductions, studio founded by none other than Osamu Tezuka himself, and is set to air in 2014.

Source: Kyoto Shimbun Image © Yume wa Hatou wo Koete Production Committee

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5 Comments on "A Biographical Anime on Suminokura Ryoi Is in the Making"

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The character design looks bad.


Actually, I have to partly agree. Having seen his statue in Arashiyama, I really don’t see any resemblance, to be honest.

Could be a younger version of him, though.


Well… this could be really intriguing or a complete disaster. Will wait and see.


WOW…I feel so bad not knowing who he is… thought he was a samurai at first.


The favourite merchant of Ieyasu-sama…interesting challenge.