Great Teacher Onizuka’s Tohru Fujisawa Writing a Food-Themed Action Manga

The notorious author of Great Teacher Onizuka, Tohru Fujisawa, has announced that he is working on a new project which will come out this May in Futubasha’s Manga Action Magazine. The theme of the new project will be diets, food and eating regimes and the mangaka is working in collaboration with the renowned Japanese dietician Nozomi Furuya.

Although Fujisawa-sensei has just launched his new project Ino Atama Gargoyle (Weekly Young Magazine) in January, he is still trying his best in order to fill up the ‘mangametre’. The new action manga he is working on is going to revolve around eating habits and food as a whole and he will have a very popular dietician as an adviser, so the project might also be educational (although this is not officially mentioned).

This is actually just another one of the new items under his name that have been planned/released in the last hlef-a-year. The list includes also: Soul Reviver and Shibuya Hachikou-Mae -another side- (to be released in the January issue of Dengeki Comic Japan).

Source: Anime News Network and Official Blog

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Food action manga? The only reason I am in is the mangaka’s name…


I hope it’s good. For the sake of GTO.


That sounds…educational? How about something fun? ;)


Do not underestimate the power of the creator of “Great Teacher Onizuka”, young one ;)


True, true…


I know it! It’s called “Ben-To”!

*Please note this is sarcasm. Thank you.*