French Breeder Creates “Rose of Versailles” for the Manga’s 40th Anniversary

The classic romantic shoujo manga “Rose of Versailles” by Riyoko Ikeda is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To commemorate the event, a special species of roses has been created by the French breeders from Meilland International SA.

According to the producers, the flower’s glamour and depth of the red colour are the perfect example of the atmosphere of the sotry in Rose of Versailles. This rose’s large flowers and intense crimson shade are easily the ideal depiction of what lies within the walls of a queen’s palace.

The flower’s specifications:

Name: La Rose de Versailles

Country of Production: France

Production year: 2012

Flower colour: Crimson

Number of petals: 28-32

Flower size: 13-14cm

Plant high: 1.6m

Here are additional photos of the roses. Click them to enlarge.

Source: KaiseiRose

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Actually, it has nothing to do with the anime story…even the “explanation”. :D


Nice to know France acknowledges the manga as much. :)


utsukushii :3


It looks perfectly velvety… Great work.