Trailer of Toyota and Studio 4°C’s Collaboration Anime Streamed (Video)

The promotional web anime, a collaboration between Studio 4°C (The ANimatrix, Berserk) and the car manufacturer Toyota, is entitled PES (Peace Eco Smile). Koji Morimoto has edited the video. Below is where you can watch it.

The videos are to last for about 3-4 minutes and follow the PES who is a space-traveller and his companion – the being going by the name of NaSuBi who is enchanted by the beauty of Earth. We meet them on various place around Tokyo as the two of them find out about human relationships and communication.

Here is also the previous video:


Source: Kyodo News PR Wire YouTube

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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4 Comments on "Trailer of Toyota and Studio 4°C’s Collaboration Anime Streamed (Video)"

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I totally agree with you guys… that’s a badly made space-romance. Nothing to do with mechanics.


That was lame.


Sorry to burst the bubble but that’s rather mediocre animation. Even the cars.


Ditto. I was expecting much, much more from an anime that is sponsored by an automotive company.