Gomenasai – Gintama’ is Ending Too?

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According to the latest issue of Weekly Shounen Jump, the anime adaptation of Hideaki Sorachi’s Gin Tama original manga is drawing to a close this month. Gintama’ is the third shounen anime by Shueisha to be ending this month with Bleach’s final episode being announced for March 27 and Beelzebub’s – March 25.

The 252nd episode of he second series of Gintama’ will be airing until the end f the month as Gon (an anime about a small dinosaur who adventures around the forests and other locations) takes over Gintoki, Kagura and Shinpachi’s time (6:00pm on Mondays). Gon will occupy the slot starting April 2nd, 2012.

Now, we have a nice three days to cry for the coming end of shounen anime as March 25 (Beelzebub), March 26 (Gintama’) and March 27 (Bleach) will all end the reign of the genre on the small screen. Naruto, One Piece are still running, but for how long and will someone be able to replace them? Gon will definitely not work, in my opinion.

The title of the 252th episode will be “Gomen Nasai” (meaning “I am Sorry”). The title became known in this week’s issue of Shueisha’s publication as it was previously announced as a “To Be Determined”.


Comment? – The world does seem to be at its limit, doesn’t it? Shounen anime seem to be ending all over the place. I am aware that many people dislike shounen anime, I have never been an admirer of Gintama myself, but the end of as many such shows in a single week makes me flinch. Does the otaku world want only ecchi, romance and slice-of-life? Is there no need for a prodigy child or an always-ready-to-fight-back-and-win boy? I believe we should all hope, at least for the sake of diversity and variability, that the old ones will be replaced by something really, really good.


Source: Manga News Japon and TV Hokkaido

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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Reading Steiner
they sure are getting rid of an awful lot of action packed anime it seems like. beelzebub was awsome at first but sort of fizzled out when it became more and more packed with filler-like episodes. it was going somewhere but was kinda boring near the end. gintama was as it normally is, huge amounts of random episodes, over-the-top dirty jokes, and alot about nothing and it still manages to entertain, if not for those those very reasons. The action packed arcs with a bit of flair are always nicely done and the highlights of the series, I have little… Read more »

gintoki should show up in “Gon” and kill that rotten dino, and no please no fillers.


I think Gintama is only ending because the anime caught up with the manga…hopefully it is only taking an extended break :)


Why didn’t I think of this?! Simple explanation indeed… :D


That’s a big surprise. I thought Gintama’ was huge on popularity.


I can’t believe there are no fans of shounen. This can’t be.


Seems like an End of an Era…


Give me a minute to cut my wrists.


It seems like it just started!!!!!


I knew it… it they can’t top on a Prim…