Japan Billboard Music Awards Winners Announced

Nana Mizuki (Blood-C ED “Junketsu Paradox”, Dog Days OP “Scarlet Knight”) wins for best animation artist while AKB48 celebrates a win in four categories. For the full list of winners, see below.

AKB48, on the other hand, were ready to work even more in order to better their historical achievement: “Being the first in history to win in four categories makes us full of emotions— ‘Are we really good enough? We’re so honored.’ We’re going to work even harder to become a group worthy of this outcome.”

“I’m very happy. The fact that Billboard Japan Music Awards even has an animation award makes me feel, working as a voice actress, so grateful, and then to win it makes me super happy.” said the performer after receiving the award.


Source: Official Website

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AK-69 are one of the silliest things that happened to music :D Well…congratulations to everyone else.


Didn’t even know there are Billboard Japan Awards… Well, I know the winners, so…it’s never late to learn something new, I guess.


Nana Mizuki is a sweetheart. She deserves it. :)


AKB48 are an example on how the music business should create pop sensations. Congratulations. :)


Love Gummy and AKB48 <3 Congratulations!!!!