“dots and lines” by You Hitoto and Mummy-D and “Tomeru” by Hitoto to be Zetman’s Themes

The upcoming action TV anime Zetman will definitely be a hit if we judge by the performers of the opening and ending theme songs of the show. Hitoto and Mummy-D will be performing the OP “dots and lines” while Hitoto alone will be the artist behind the ED “Tomeru”.

Both Hitoto and Mummy-D have a history with anime. You Hitoto has already started sneaking into the anime business with her works as a performer of themes for both Aishiteruze Baby and Pattenrai!!. Mummy-D, on the other hand, has given quite a lot of food for the karaoke otaku, having written and performed alone and with Rhymester for shows such as Ayakashi and Letter Bee.

Since the new preview season in The Shinigami List will begin shortly, I will not be putting too much information about the plot of Zetman, except that it should be one of the upcoming season’s best anime for admirers of action, horror and sci-fi.

Source: Anime News Network

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I love You Hitoto <3


I actually think I’ll pass. Had a look at the manga but I think it’s too romance-centred for me to care…


I’ll give it a chance.


All right! Have forgotten about this one up until now…