Shinobi Life Manga to End

Mangaka Shoko Conami has announced that the serialization of her Shinobi Life project  will be over once the manga is released in the May issue of Akita Shoten’s Monthly Princess magazine. As an addition, a spinoff story by the same author will begin in the previous issue of the magazine.

The story of Shinobi Life is definitely known by all fans of the shoujo genre, especially in the pure romance part. There is Beni Hime and her shinobi guardian who is always around her and looking after her whenever there is problem or she needs help. Naturally, given his bishounen-ness and her age, there is nothing to stop the love form entering this otherwise highly professional relationship.

Source: Twit

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At least there is Inu x Boku SS… for those who feel like it.


I was waiting for it to end, so I read all :)


It’ll brainwash you.