Aspiring Singers: Rejoice! Avex and 81 Hold Anime Song Auditions

81 produce and Avex entertainment have announced a special contest – auditions for a young singer will be held. The best will perform the theme song for an upcoming (probably Fall season) anime.

The entrants should be 13-22 years old and should be prepared to participate in all three rounds of the competition. In their applications, these singers should attach a song sample of their choice. The final date for sending them in is March 31. The final stage of this will happen sometime in May.

There is not much information about the anime the winning voice will sound at. All we know is that it will be a 2012 series and that it will begin after the summer season, since the auditions end in May.

Avex entertainment has a long relationship with the anime world. The company has had its word in the production and/or music performances in shows such as 07-Ghost, Sket Dance, Inuyasha: The Final Act and Black Jack.

Source: Anime News Network

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Great idea to give a chance to a new artist…not that they don’t have trillions of Idols


Open for all? So nice! :)


As long as you know Japanese ;)


Cool… :)