Ao no Exorcist Gets Stage Play

A stage play will join the anime movie in the list of Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist)-inspired items that are swarming Japan lately. This was written in the latest issue of Jump Square by Shueisha.

Kazue Katou’s story of the young exorcist  and his family, his fight against his own blood (Satan’s) and education (being against Satan and his kin) and the events that occur around him, is definitely somehting one should read. The TV show, however, is a whole other story. (Own opinion).

Seems like no one is concerned with the actual plot holes in this show. Oh, well, having watched it in its entirety, I must say I am quite surprised it got so much attention – a movie is opening in Japanese theatres later this year and this now… I just hope the directors and screenwriters manage to make these two better than the television anime series that finished at the end of last year, leaving a whole bunch of huge clueless question marks in my head.


Source: Manga News

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Is it some sort of a tradition to put stage plays of anime? They all have one. At least the famous ones…


Good luck to it.


Bet the brothers will be so cute :)


LMAO!!! This silly story and no special effects – I can’t wait! :D