Real Life Samurai Drawn by Mangaka For Charity

“My Ryouma Illustration Exhibit in Edo” is a project that will include a special artowork, created by the handy pens and pencils of over 50 Japanese mangaka. It will be shown in the Tokyo Murashita Culture Center. The very item itself will be the attempted real-life depiction of the samurai known as Sakamoto Ryouma. The exhibit itself will be available from January 27 until February 12.

The entire event is going to be for charity as the earnings will go to the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (Higashi Nihon Daishinsai) victims and for the restoration of their lives. The entrance fee is 0, but there will be tickets for the opening ceremony, various presentations and demonstrations.

Similar exhibitions were held in Kyoto’s International Manga Museum and various other locations in Eastern Japan throughout the past two years. In addition to Ryouma -sama’s art, there will also be manga and other items related to his character and the Bakumatsu period as a whole.

Source: Anime Anime Japan

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Sakamoto Ryouma is a very handsome man. Or at least this is how he’s presented :)


Will we see pictures of it? I’m really curious…


Best idea ever. :)


Amazing idea. Will do my best to donate through it.


I would if I could too…Definitely.