Patalliro! Review: So Wrong That It’s Right…

A hilarious comedy with outrageous characters, uncanny animation and one of the first series ever to be called “Shounen Ai”. These are all valid for “Patalliro!”- one of the weirdest and most intriguing series I’ve ever seen – Mineo Maya’s 1982 anime. Of course, I am just an otaku that is trying to write a review on it…

Why am I so crazy about it? Because it’s hilarious. You will never see anything like it. At first I was stunned by its odd 2D and sometimes even 1D animation style, looking more like a child’s doodle than a professional’s work. I started watching it with the idea that I will never ever get on with it and see another episode.

Then the “Patalliro!”magic happened and I was stuck watching a marathon of the anime up to the 24th episode… Since I want to be useful, I’ll try to make more sense and tell you more about the story itself.

Patalliro du Malyner VIII is a blond, chubby chibi with annoying squeaky voice. He’s known to be intelligent, but never serious enough to be trusted as a monarch. However, after his father passes away, the spoilt prince takes over the land of Malyner – a place that’s never short on diamonds. His archrivals come from the International Diamond Syndicate – a big criminal organization of powerful millionaires, working in the shadows. After the possibility of an assassination attempt on Patalliro, the British Empire decides to assign a top MI6 agent to protect the monarch, while he’s on a visit at the country. This is where we meet the other lead character of the series – the sleek black-haired and blue-eyed Major Jack Barbarossa Bancoran. You think he has a special power and you’re right – he’s known to be the “Bishounen Killer”- the guy who makes all pretty boys powerless with just a look…

What follows is a hilarious sequence of events where unsightly Patalliro tries to seduce Bancoran, while the International Diamond Syndicate constantly sends killers, aiming for the crowned prince. The killers are so alike – young, blond, beautiful and male – that you can barely understand whether those are actually different people. Of course, they all fall under Bancoran’s spell and fail to accomplish their mission again and again…

I know it might not sound as funny, but – believe me, even after I’ve seen tons of anime, I still haven’t seen something so comedy-oriented, something that combines political irony with sexual humour and spy action so well, without even having “proper”animation. Believe it or not, if you don’t see “Patalliro!”, you’ll never be satisfied. Why? Because you’ll never know who killed Cock Robin, of course!

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By Death Scythe

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Looks so cute :3


Can’t believe so many of us, people here, watched it :D :D :D Cool…

Dare Ga Koroshita Cock Robin?! ;)


I agree. Patalliro IS hilarious! :D


I’ve never heard of it actually! Wouldn’t watch it, even if I have, since it’s shounen ai, but if it’s so hilarious…


It explores the comedic side of shounen ai. It’s not your usual anime indeed. :D I believe you won’t be sorry watching it. The only setback is that it’s hard to find English subs of all 24 episodes, so you’ll have to opt for buying/paying or other alternatives…


Well, I’ll have a look at it.


Patalliro’s actually the first Baka Ouji in a way… love the guy :D


So wrong that is’s right indeed… ;)