Pro and Aspiring Mangaka Share Their 2012 Hopes in a Shrine

All kinds of Japanese artists have shared their wishes and hopes on the special place in the Tokyo Kanda Shrine. The mangaka (and not only) have left their ema plates with marvellous, or not so marvellous, drawings on them, accompanying the real plea to the Kami. 8 people started this tradition back in 2009 and up until now, they have augmented in numbers ver since – 14 in 2010, 40 in 2011 and a lot more in 2012 (still counting).

A lot more images can be seen in my two sources: Suki Desu and Akiba

Would you have done this? Do you think many of these are appropriate for a shrine? I am feeling quite awkward when it comes to one or two of them, however, I might be incorrect about this… Would you help me understand the existence of this image (might be unsuitable for common people and children) there?

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I don’t think Japanese people find those weird or offensive… ;)


Yeah…you’ve got a point there…


I understand what you mean, Shinigami-sama… :X


Great idea. As far as I think, it’s up to the mangaka whether he’ll have some reason and not draw ecchi…


Well…porn in a shrine. You either get it, or you don’t.