Anime of Nazo no Kanojo X Greenlit

Nazo no Kanojo is a romantic comedy manga by Riichi Ueshiba that tells the story of Akira Tsubaki and Mikoto Urabe who, after a very wicked in-school accident (which includes the boy tasting a drool from Mikoto after she lets it slip over her desk while napping in the classroom), come to date and realize that both of them have a lot more in common than they have originally thought.Like for example the fact that the girl loves to carry scissors in her panties and cut figures in the paper sheets and that Akira likes such girls… obviously.

The manga is serialized in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine and has been running from 2006. The eight volume of Nazo no Kanojo X (which means something like ‘mysterious girlfriend X’) will be released on the market from February 23nd and the limited edition will bundle a drama CD.

Source: Moetron and Akiba Blog on Twitter

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People are getting really excited on this one…


Yeah, lots of fans of Bakemonogatari, Maria Holic, etc. …


The lovely world of anime… ;)


What did I just read?!