Eiichiro Oda to Supervise the 2012 One Piece Movie

Today, through the official Twitter accounts of both Viz Media’s Shounen Jump and the deputy director of Shueisha’s Shounen Manga Group Hisashi Sasaki posted a message each, telling their followers that the mangaka of One Piece Eiichiro Oda will be the executive producer of the 2012 movie based on his pirate-themed stories.

As previously said, the project will be ready for December 2012. However, there are other ways for the fans of the franchise to enjoy a taste of the famous Straw Hat Pirates by visiting the special One Piece Art Exhibition that will open March 20, 2012 and will include exclusive illustrations and works by Oda sensei.

The original creator of the stories about Monkey D. Luffy and his crew has overseen just one other movie and it was the last one to come out, the 10th one, which opened in theatres across Japan in the winter of 2009.

Let’s remind you that the new film will be based upon the canon New World Arc that is currently being developed in the manga serialized in Viz Media and Shueisha.



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Source: Anime News Network

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sweet. the last two one piece movies were sweet. to bad the first 10 or so were horrible lollllllll.


Where will be the exhibition held?


@Tokyo’s Roppongi Hills ;)


Yay! New One Piece and supervised by Oda himself! Great!


Maybe that’s when you know you’ve made it. When you can produce your own works and have the final say. Congratulations, Oda-san! ;)


Well said. One Piece has proven to be quite a success for his author. It’s always good when that happens.