Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: Inu x Boku SS UPDATED

If it ain’t weird, it ain’t working…or at least it is so in the world of manga/anime. Staying true to that belief, producers Aniplex and David Production decided to give the green light to an anime adaptation of Cocoa Fujuwara’s manga “Inu x Boku SS”. The series are about to air in January 2012 and will surely be something to talk about…

UPDATE: The anime is stated for January 12, 2012.

Supernatural, comedy, mystery, shounen – those are all the traits the story will have, according to initial announcement and the manga’s genres. Behind all this stands a weird tale about Ririchiyo Shirakiin, daughter of a notable family who retreats to live alone in the “Ayakashi Kan” in order to get away from her heritage and get closer to “common” people. It is actually a hi-class mansion and a V.I.P. shelter, “ayakashi” itself meaning demon or monster. Living there, Ririchiyo should be protected by a member of the Secret Service (SS). The abbreviation, too reminiscent of WWII is not the only weird influence in the series. SS agents are actually half-youkai, half-human who serve their master. The little noble lady’s “servant” is called Miketsukami Soushi and he’s actually…a nine-tailed fox (Yes, Naruto, you heard that correctly!). Ririchiyo has actually saved her “bodyguard” once before, so she holds a special connection with him, who’s quoted to be faithful to her “as a dog”. Not only that, she’s engaged to his previous master Kagerou Shoukin, who’s one hell of a character…

Here is the cast that has already been announced for the series:

Yuuichi Nakamura (Tomoya Okazaki in Clannad) as Soushi Miketsukami

Rina Hidaka (Kohane Tsuyuri in xxxHOLiC) as Ririchiyo Shirakiin

Mamoru Miyano (Setsuna F. Seiei in Mobile Suit Gundam 00) as Zange Natsume

Kana Hanazawa (Mato Kuroi in Black Rock Shooter) as Karuta Roromiya

Tomokazu Sugita (Gintoki Sakata in Gintama) as Kagerou Shoukin

Yoshimasa Hosoya (Nezumi in No.6) as Renshou Sorinozuka

Takya Egichi (Kazuya Kujou in Gosick) as Banri Watanuki

Youko Hikasa (Mio Akiyama in K-ON!) as Nobara Yukinokouji

Hit? Lots of bishounen, some romance, a hint of mystery, memorable demons and fights. What else can an ordinary otaku want? The character design is beautiful and there are two years of successful manga to use and interpret.

Miss? Those of you, who aren’t ready for a Kuroshitsuju-style demon-master relationship (with much more devoted servant), but this time between a moe and a shounen, will suffer seriously if their eyes are to meet “Inu x Boku”.

Inu x Boku Official Site

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Thanks for the update, Shinigami-sama!!! :)


Hmmm…that raises some eyebrows… Even though it’s not so unusual for anime. ;)


Kuroshitsuji-like relationship…oh, my :D


He’s so cute! And she’s pretty…hope the series are good.


Seriously weird fetishism going on here… ;)