Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki, Love, Election & Chocolate and the Robot Atoranjaa to Get Own Anime

This is just a short message about three new TV anime series that are going to be produced and developed in Japan. Although, they are three absolutely different original works, these three have been announced to be adapted into anime series in the same day.

The manga Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki, the game Love, Election & Chocolate and the plastic robot going by the name Atoranjaa are the three different projects taken on by Kadokawa, ASCII Media Works and AIC respectively.

Houzuki-san Chi no Aneki is a four-panel manga by Ran Igarashi follows the young boy Gorou Houzuki who is terrified and at the same time very excited by the lusty pranks that his unrelated by blood sister plays on him. Qualified as a sister-complex comedy, this manga is definitely not something I would like to read or watch, however, since the times have changed from when we watched Legends of the Galactic Heroes and Gundam…

The sprite/fairys’ adult game Love, Election & Chocolate is all about the efforts of a young boy who, in order to protect and save the future of his cooking club, decides to become the student body president of his academy with over 6,000 other students inside.

The third project… well, after having the initial shock of hearing that a robot will be made into an anime, I understood that it may be the odd one out in a different way – being the most interesting project out of the three. At least for me. The AIC company will be making a short anime adaptation of Aoshima’s super robot Atoranjaa.

Sources: Otakomu  Yaraon! Anime News Network

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Slice of life, pervy ecchi and a robot anime…hmmmm. Gotta love anime… ;)


Atoranjaa – anything with a robot gets my vote :D


Not sure I care about any f them :X


Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki is bad :(