The TV Anime based on Yurumates Manga Greenlit

The four-panel manga by creator saxyun has just been given the green light for a new TV anime series. Up until now, there have already been two OAV projects based on the comedy manga that revolves around Yurume. She is a rounin, but it is not the type of rounin that Kenshin Himura was, no sir. Rounin in this case means a person who has graduated from High School, but is yet to be enrolled into a university. As she tries to study as hard as possible for the entrance exams, she ends up living in a campus-like building where a lot of veteran rounins are. People who have been high school graduates and no university students for years.

Additional and more concrete information has been promised. It is to appear in December 4th’s issue of Takeshobo’s Monthly Manga Club magazine.

Source: Comic Natalie

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That manga is weak, man…


Going social in 3…2…1


Sometimes I wonder how they chose which manga to televise…