UN-GO episode: 0 Inga-ron Trailer Streamed (Video)

The first official trailer of UN-GO’s episode: 0 Inga-ron  (UN-GO episode:0 The Inga Chapter) that is to be theatrically released has also been streamed. This time, the company behind the YouTube channel is not Media Factory, but the Japanese website Movie Collection. The video is a short teaser trailer and will definitely catch the eye of those of us who are interested into the beginning of Inga and Shinjuurou’s relationship. It was only hinted at in the first episodes of the anime TV series, but the full revelation will be seen in this special 45-minutes long original story.

The premiere will be shown in TOHO cinemas across Japan on November 19, 2011.

Source: YouTube

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I will definitely watch it, since I love those characters in a way…


That looks good!


I’m on the verge to drop the anime, but there’s probably something good in it – the extra episode :D