New Quarterly Manga Magazine to Launch

A new manga magazine will be launched by the famous publisher Enterbrain (also responsible for the Comic Beam, Famitsu series and more). The title is Felllows! (Q) where the “Q” (seemingly the only part that differs it form the Fellows! magazine) stands for “Quiet”. It will consist of entirely new manga by popular and new authors, series and one-shots included. Every new issue will have a special cover which will be illustrated by a different artist each volume.

What is important about this new edition by the Japanese publishing group is that it will be 484-pages big and will cost only 530 JPY (about 5 EUR). There will be mainly new projects by new authors, but also some from already published ones.

In the first volume, which will come out November 15 this year, will include the works of 26 new mangaka, “A Bride’s Story” chapter by Emma’s Kaoru Mori, “Ran to Haiiro no Sekai” manga by Blue School’s Aki Irie and by the author of Sumire no Hana Satoshi Fukushima – Hachiya Otome no Makyuu. There will also be a one-shot work by Natsuko Takahashi wh’s also illustrating this volume’s cover.

Source: Anime News Network

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I’m always happy when a new magazine for non-established artists is being published. Good luck?


Same here…Even though I don’t get the “quiet” part… :D


Me neither… A new magazine’s always exciting, though. :)