Gintama` Episode 232 – Banned!

The 232nd episode of one of the most viewed and favourited television anime series Gintama (actually the second series of Gintama – Gintama`) has been banned from channel AT-X! The episode bearing the traditionally long and silly title “The people you tend to forget tend to show up after you forget them” has been prohibited by the channel due to the fact that the original broadcaster of the show TV Tokyo has asked for this limitation.

The reason? Below.

The main reason is that the episode includes an announcement by advertising Council Japan and “Renhou” – a Japanese politician whose name coincides with the first name of a real life person in the local politics and more precisely the Minister for Government revitalization who is also an Upper House legislator. His name is Renhou Murata. As this could be viewed as an offense to the person and the reference could bring a lot of trouble to the anime channel AT-X, the episode, which has already been broadcasted on TV Tokyo (October 31st), will not be shown.

The Gintama` episode 232 was supposed to air November 15 and 18 on the AT-X channel. However, the next episode that will be shown shall be episode 233 and it will be broadcasted on November 22.

If you’re willing to watch the episode officially, you can do it through Crunchyroll (if your country has been one of the chosen few where the streaming service works).

Source: Anime News Network

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Censorship? That’s not cool… And I don’t even like Gintama… or Gintama with an apostrophe.


Agreed. I didn’t even know TVs still review episodes before playing them. O.o