Winter Anime Season 2011/2012: Lupin III: Blood Seal – Eternal Mermaid

After the Lupin III manga ended in 1972, the franchise was reborn with many series, movies and specials. Many specials later (one of them including Detective Conan himself!), it’s time for another to air in 2 December 2011. It’s called Lupin III: Blood Seal – Eternal Mermaid (Lupin III: Chi no Kokuin – Eien no Mermaid) and also tells the story of the grandson of the legendary gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin. The producers are still the same – Tōkyō Movie Shinsha, now known as TMS Entertainment. As Shinigami-sama already informed you, the voice cast has been changed.

Let’s see what’s the good, the best and the slightly negative about this new instalment…

Hit? The reason to watch the new special is the same that makes the show popular for decades – the unique art by Monkey Punch and the lovely comedy vibe that comes from the unforgivable charming thief that’s always looking for the next heist. Inspired by the novels by the French author Maurice Leblanc, Lupin III is yet again siding with Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa XIII and lady  Fujiko Mine. Just like every time, so if you loved it once, you’ll love it…34 times?

Miss? Those series can’t surprise you. You either are a huge fan or it will be hard for you to fall for them. If you’re a fan of the novel, you can also be a bit irritated, having in mind the anime character has nothing to do with Leblanc’s idea and that the producer never actually bought the rights to use it…Another danger is trying to follow the history of the franchise, since it has about 34 adaptations, including manga, movies, specials and TV series…

Lupin III Official Site

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You’ll love it… 34 times :D

Priceless. :D :D :D


WOW! Didn’t know they didn’t agreed on the rights with Leblanc… O.o


I was in anime crisis 2 years ago and started watching it… Love it!!! Happy it has a new one. :)