Yozakura Quartet “Hoshi no Umi” Episode 3 (Video)

The new 3rd OVA of Yozakura Quartet has been announced quite some time ago, and fans are still hungry for promotional videos. No wonder it is so, since this show obviously is a crowd-pleaser. The story is about monsters and how they fight with the Hime’s quartet. The last 3rd episode of the OVA will bundle with the 11th manga volume to be released November 9, 2011. The conclusion of the confrontation, the last battle between Zakuro and the fighters of Hime, will be shown in this last OVA episode.

The promotional video can be seen below.

Source: Kodansha Official YouTube Channel

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Can’t wait!!!!!!


The OVA looks quite fun actually. Thanks for the video!


One of my favourite bunch of superheroes <3