Hetalia: World Series English Dubbed Trailer Streamed (Video)

A trailer for Hetalia: World Series 1 has been streamed on the official YouTube channel of FUNimation Entertainment.The anime TV series are based upon Hidekaz Himaruya’s original manga entitled Hetalia – Axis Powers. The 1st part of the series will be released by the company on DVD January 17, 2011 (hence, the “1” in the title) and those who decide to buy the limited edition of the DVD will get a free present – purple Prussia bandana.


The 70-seconds video is with a limited view-range. I have spoken with FUNimation and they have told me it is because they cannot stream outside of the USA. I have to apologize to everyone who is not from there and cannot see the video, but for everyone else – it is available below. Unfortunately, I have decided to stay legal and not to post plagiarized, illegal or pirated items, hence I am sharing just the original USA video.


Source: Anime News Network

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Gotta love Hetalia… It’s totally new concept, so kudos. I won’t really buy the DVD, though… not in English dubs… *sorry*


Good for you! Stay legal. The trailer sucks anyway… (dubbing…) :P




More like illegal…