Guilty Crown Anime Extra Episodes in the BD/DVD

The official website of Guilty Crown the anime has announced that the first Blu-ray Disk/ DVD pack’s limited edition on the series will also include several bonus items in the bundle. These include a flash-animation based on a special 4-panel submission, the first two episodes of the television anime series, a special Theme Songs CD, a coupon for special event tickets, all the preview videos, an audio commentary and special artwork on the cover by original designer redjuice.

The special Flash-animation included in the bundle will be tied to the commissions of Yuupon, which can be found on the official website. There is a chibi-version of the main Guilty Crown characters placed around a four-panel coloured manga. In the special theme songs collection CD there will be the songs by Ryo of supercell and also Hiroyuki Sawano. Hiromi Kato, a person who has been a key member of the animation teams in Death Note, Digimon movies and Needless, will also contribute to the cover art.




Source: Official Website

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Cashing in before it even started… Hmmm… REminds me of “Snakes on a Plane” where they had a massive promo, lots of merch and hype and the movie was a total flop.


I agree on this one and I love the reference. It’s usual for producers in anime to relese lots of bonuses vis DVD, though…


A lot of bonuses… I’m sure it will look great but I’m still sceptical, having in mind the Code Geass rip-off possibility. Will wait and see and then buy ;)


I want to see the chibi version <3